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good morning cate. >> reporter: the tsunami was lifted originally after the quake. they issued a warning a tsunami as high as 2 feet coast hit the coast. there are no immediate reports of damage although traffic stopped in some places. one area report add small sue -- reported a small tsunami. it did cause continuous shaking in some areas. buildings in tokyo was reportedly swaying for at least several minutes. this is the same region that was hit by a massive earthquake in march of laster year. that triggered melt downs at the nuclear plant killing 50 people as it swept away cars, boats and homes. tokyo electric power says there are no problems at any of the plants. cate cauguiran cbs 5. e we touched base with him
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briefly but let's kick it over to lawrence once again on the tsunami and everything in the bay area. >> remember that last one we were scared it did damage here. doesn't look like that's going to happen. today looks like a decent day outside. starting off with patchy dense fog in the valleys. some fog being reported in the napa valley. visibility down to half a mile there. it is going to make for a great weekend. a little chilly to start, though, the temperatures dropping off. a lot of numbers down into the 40s and even some 30s. santa rosa, 37 degrees. 50 in in san jose. 41 in livermore. temperatures in the 50s and 60ss by the afternoon. it's only going up from here for the weekend. let's check out the roads with giana. first of all an accident at 1010 1/2 at -- 101 at the
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university onramp. no more delays until you get close to the san mateo bridge. that's where we have roadwork at the connectors at 92. elsewhere if you are coming off the bay bridge, so far so good. road work reported near the central freeway. here's a live look near there. one lane is is blocked as you work your way near vanet . that's a look at traffic. back to you. 4:33 now, a man was seriously hurt at a fall during the oakland coliseum at the raider bronco game last night. he fell to the lower concourse 30 feet. it happened after the game began. it was apparently accidental. the man is reportedly in serious condition this morning. nfl commissioner roger goodell says the league is
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willing to help build the new stadium to keep the league in oakland. this could put adds much as $200 million in it. it would first require a deal between the raiders and oakland officials e though. and a big milestone for the santa clara stadium. two beams placed at the highest point, they were signed by the team city leaders and hundreds of construction workers. when it's done, about 18,000- tons of steel will support that stadium, and they are moving fast. a woman stranded six nights in the sierra may have been saved by a gut feeling and a call. >> call it whatever you want, it was meant to be. it's just like we weren't going to come back without her. >> paula lane's brother found her crawling in the snow two nights ago a after a mysterious tip came in from the east coast. a family friend said he had a vision that was that paula was -- that paula was still alive and near a lake.
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ben benben sosenko has the story of survival. >> reporter: paula lane spent six nights stranded until the elements surviving on snow and tomatoes. >> my sister may be little but she's mighty, and she's a survivor and she loves life. >> reporter: paula and her boyfriend rod clifton were on their way back to nevada from citrus heights. rod left to find help after they jeep got stuck in the snow but never returned. a day later paula went too. >> it's been a haul waiting all those days. >> reporter: rod didn't sur survive and time was running out for paula. shortly after that, her brother found paula in the snowy wilderness. >> last night when my brother called e took the call and to
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hear him say i found her, i found her. i can't explain it for you guys. >> reporter: incredibly she not only survived but is expected to fully recover with nothing more severe than minor frostbite. >> she was one very lucky person. i don't know what she did, where she had god's good grace but she was very lucky that it wasn't more severe. >> reporter: paula is expected to be released from the hospital early next week. her family says she wants to tell her story. in carson city, ben sosenko, cbs 5. police in antioch say three men shot and killed a man who they thought store their loathe clothes. the -- their clothes. the incident started last month. they went to a unit they believed the thief was staying and opened fire.
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the victim was not involved in that theft. other bay area head license, the man and -- lines, darnell and tonya washington, are accused of killing coe during a spree in october that included a jailbreak. and san jose investigators are looking into a fire that closed two restaurants. pasta pomadora, no flames were visible but the fire did produce a lot of smoke. investigators traced the source to a crawl space near the outdoor electrical sign. in a church group in oakland, they are missing luggage and thousands of dollars after a tv broke into their van in south florida. it happened yesterday as the group ate lunch at a fort
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lauderdale restaurant. the station did not name the name of the oakland church, though. a crab scab who buzzed into town as local crab fishermen furious about crossing a picket line. fishmongers want to lower the price to from 3 bucks a pound to 1.80. they say no deal. things got hot when a boat came in from oregon with with a catch. >> i'm just trying to move a little product. you have to go fishing and nobody's making money. >> negotiations are still going on but for now, local fish markets and grocery stores are quickly running out of crab. 4:38, gay couples here in california are awaiting the supreme court decision that could come today. annanne makovec is in san francisco and she joins us with more. >> reporter: even by not making
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a decision, the supreme court is essentially making a decision ask a lot of people here and waiting to find out what's going to happen today. the u.s. supreme court is scheduled to review whether or not it will review the constitutionality of prop 8. that is the ban on same sex marriage. the pro prop 8 side is appealing, the 9th u.s. circuit court of appeals which found the ban unconstitutional. it's one of several cases across the country concerning the federal defensive marriage act. >> the court has been waiting to gather all 10 of cases together and they're going to make a decision, either grant a review in some of them, all of them, none of them. they could do anything. >> reporter: if they decide not to review the case, same sex weddings could resume as soon as the 9th circuit says osteo.
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says -- so. we don't know how long that is going to take. they have no deadline for acting on these cases but this is their last conference of the year. live in san francisco, anne makovec cbs 5. 4:39 now, they're not just good for you. how fruits and vegetables could ward off cancer as well. and how apples plans could impact california. and mother nature wreaking havoc with a branch with people on it. what happened when it collapsed when we come back. ,,,,,,,, ,, ,,
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the moment when the bridge, check this out a student was hurt in turkey when a pedestrian bridge collapsed. a high school student suffered just minor injuries. he was taken to the hospital. the cause of the bridges collapse still being investigated but officials say repair work is already underway. he's a lucky guy. >> it must have made noise
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because you see another person run off right before the bridge collapses. can you imagine, though. that's pretty amazing. >> no, i can't imagine. if i was walking across that bridge. >> i'm glad to see you this morning. >> i'm glad to see you guys, too, especially on this friday. it's such a good day. >> did you guys make a bet on that raider bronco thing. >> e he owes me breakfast. >> i do. >> around the bay area we have patchy dense fog showing up in some of the valleys. otherwise it is mostly clear and cold out there. let's take you for a live shot. the temperatures chilly if you're headed out the door this morning. down into the 30s in the santa row that area. we are seeing fog in the napa valley. 50 degrees, mild in san francisco. and the patchy fog will lift and become mostly sunny toward the afternoon. the weekend looks great, lots of sunshine and temperatures will sore into sunday and
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monday moving well into the 60s by the afternoon. high pressure building in and that's going to send the jet stream well to the north. the storm track is going to stay well into the bay area, too. so nice and dry toward the weekend and maybe in the middle of next week, we talk about showers again. watch out with the fog in the central valley, and lots of snow isn't the sierra nevada, and if you can wait a few hours for the fog to lift, should be nice. and a few passing clouds by afternoon, and that will probably be about the worst of it today. 63 in mountain view and 60 degrees in san mateo. east bay temperatures in the 50s and 60s and inside the bay, sunny skies. 62 in oakland, and 61 in alameda. beautiful weather for the weekend. do it if you can, lots of sunshine and warmer weather through monday. then we start to cool things
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off. maybe showers return by next wednesday. that's a look at weather. let's check on traffic with giana. traffic is cruising right along, not a car on the bridge. the only thing you need to look out for a s construction. -- is construction. if you are headed across the bridge at foster city connecting to 101 101 you are going to see roadwork. we're not seeing a lot of delays on 101 but you might see some on the san mateo bridge as you work your way toward foster city. we did have a trouble spot, university onramp from 101 is flow cleared. chp got a that out of the way. we had an overnight accident blocking the lane there. and coming off the bay bridge, so far so good, road work on the upper deck blocking one lane once you get into the san francisco there's road work on the central freeway as well.
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and caltrans working on eastbound 580. let's get a live look at conditions along 101. lots of good news to report. most of the south bay checking in free. the u.s. and russia are starting to work together in hopes of ending the civil war in syria. secretary of state hillary clinton met yesterday with russia's foreign minister and a united nations mediator in ireland. there's a new sense of urgency because assad's regime appears to be getting desperate. >> we remain very concerned, very concerned that as the opposition advanced, in particular on damascus that the regime might very well consider the use of chemical weapons.
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>> in washington, arizona senator john mccain said the u.s. should consider all options to prevent chemical attacks in syria including military intervention. as for the crisis in cairo, the white house says president obama has called egyptian president mohammed morsi to express concerns about the deaths and injuries of protesters there. morsi's supporters have been clashing with his opponents who have been protesting for a couple of weeks now. they're upset that morsi gave himself sweeping powers that place him above judicial oversight. this is a live picture outside in cairo. you can see that the tents are still up there and a lot of people congregating o on the street. 4:47. the bizarre saga of john mcafee has ended.
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he was briefly treated for chest pains before being are brought to the cell. he is suffering from stress and hyper tension. mac afee slipped into a guatemala from neighboring belize and asked for asylum. authorityauthorities in belize want to question him about his neighbor's murder. they are looking for a plan to a void the fiscal cliff. congressmen were on capitol hill talking about a negative impact in the spending cuts kick in january 1st. president obama failed a visit to a northern virginia family -- had a visit to a northern virginia family that that would affect if that happened. >> gives you a sense o of the costs involved in very personal terms. >> still the white house says those across the board spending cuts and tax hikes will take
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effect if republicans fuse to raise taxes on the wealthiest americans. one of the tea party movements favorite lawmakers is is leaving the senate. south carolina republican jim demint announced yesterday that he's cutting his term short to join the heritage foundation. he said he would not run for a third term in 2016. we're going to get the november jobs report from the labor department. they expect the unemployment rate to hold steady at 7.9% but they think job creation was down substantially from october because of superstorm sandy. apple fans, did you know all your apple l products are made in china. you may have not that but it's about -- known that but it's about to change. they will start assembling one of their mass computer models here in the usa. analysts are calling this a big move. >> for apple l to step out and say this is something they want to do, they want to manufacture here in the united states, it's
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a big deal. and it's a big differentiator for this country. >> the plan did make apple products before the company moved production overseas. zynga is a leader in virtual poker but it wants to get into real money gambling. they filed an application with the nevada gaming parole board, a process that could take up 18 moments. shares rose 17% after that announcement. encouraging news on diet and breast cancer. micro nutrients found in fruits and vegetables have cancer fighting properties. women who eat fresh produce may reduce their risk. there is evidence that the micro nutrients keep tumors from growing as well. there's new evidence that pro teen can help reduce muscle loss. they discovered proteins that help muscles grow after
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exercise. they are looking for a way to artificially increase the protein with people who have muscle wasting diseases including cancer. researchers at uc berkeley have pinpointed a gene that helps turn carbohydrates into fat. when it was disabled in mice, it did not turn into fat. it's significant because it may lead to new treatments for obesity and diabetes. a lawsuit is taking aim at what one group says are dangerous chemicals and products for infants and kids. baby product ares sold by major retailers contain unsafe levels of a flame retardant called trip. the legal move is a good way to get the companies attention. >> we have opened a dialogue with these companies and let them know we will have legal standing to sue them if they don't take action. companies during those 60 day call us and say hey, let's
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figure this out together. >> michael green shows studies that children have the highest levels o of flame retardants in their body. today is pearl harbor day. it was 71 years ago that japan attacked the u.s. military base in hawaii pulling the country into world war ii. more than 2100 americans were killed on this day. 7:55 hawaii time marking the moment the bombing began. national guard aircraft will fly overhead in the missing man formation as well. and here in the bay area. one of the most visible pearl harbor is the annual lighting of the beacon. survivors of the attack will gather there this afternoon for the annual ceremony. the pearl harbor survivors association has been doing this every year since 1964. there are not a lot left, though, sadly after all those years. it4:52, the going the extra mile. the unique way one bay area
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city is luring in shoppers. and why dozens of television channels suddenly went dark in the bay area. and it's santa's busy time but that doesn't mean he can't take a minute to bust a move. we're dancing with santa when we come back. ,,,,,,,,
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there are hundreds of ways people use lysol disinfectant spray. max's mom uses it on soft surfaces. it freshens, doesn't stain, and unlike febreze, it's approved to kill 99.9% of bacteria. share your lysol story, and see more, on facebook.
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we have a few clouds, patchy dense fog showing up in the valley. otherwise we'll see a lot of sunshine. what about the weekend, we'll talk about that coming up. and a new accident at 101 and hospital curve, but the bay area bridges looking good. traffic and weather together every ten minutes. some bay area viewers are finding out the hard way that the end of analog television is here. they turned on the tv and got a black screen that says your tv
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is not yet ready for comcast digital network. we got a lot of phone calls and e-mails from customers wondering where their cable want. the cable company is finishing the final phase of switching over to digital. you need a set top box or a digital adaptor. >> they can call us and we'll send the equipment. they think install this themselves. it's very easy or visit any of the service centers throughout the bay area to pick up the equipment. >> the adaptors are free for the first three tvs. after that comcast charges you. >> poor lawrence thought it was temp. >> my poor tv. it's the season of shopping and union city leaders are trying to keep it local. they launched a first of its kind loyalty program for all its shoppers. consumers who joined get cash back rewards every time they shop or use services from participating local shops. >> signing up for the rapid rewards program which is a shop
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local program will not only support union city's local nonprofits, it will support you as a consumer by providing cash back on your purchases. >> it's free to join and also benefits a charity that helps needy families in new ark city. santa is dancing. take a look. 4000 dancing santas somewhere. there they are, they have red halts in poland for the annual convention of santa's i guess. besides dancing the holiday tunes, there was a chris kringle marching band and might be inviting perhaps. >> they may be drinking a little eggnog. >> santa has to stay warm there in poland. what's happening on the east coast that has people out west. a woman survives six nights
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stranded, how one of her rescuers broke the law. small tsunamis in japan, how this compares to last year's major quake and the effect it's having in the area. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news this morning. developing news out of japan, a powerful earthquake rocks the country's northeast coast. there is a chance same sex marriages could resume here in california within a couple of weeks. right now it depends on the decision by the u.s. supreme court. a chilly start to the day. we are getting ready for the weekend. will there be sunshine. we'll talk about that coming up. we have a couple new accidents to report and lots of roadwork this morning. details in minutes. good morning everyone it's friday december 7th. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm frank mallicoat. it is 5 now. today a strong earthquake japan caused a lot
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